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For grain suppliers

In order to produce high quality and safe product, JSC “Dobeles Dzirnavnieks” performs purchases of grains:

1. Different grain cultures grown according to safety and harmlessness requirements of the European Union are purchased for food by performing a complicated categorization according to different quality groups and grades developed by grain breeders:

  •  Wheat (groups E, A); 
  •  Barley; 
  •  Oats; 
  •  Rye; 
  •  Peas. 
  •  buckwheat.

2. Grains grown using specially monitored and planned grain growing technology, which is certified according to the provisions of BQM (Baking Quality Management) standard, are being purchased from separate certified farms that comply successfully with the provisions of this standard. 

3. Grains that due to quality reasons cannot be used for human food production (small in size, split, insufficient in quantity and quality of protein or starch), but are clean, healthy and live grains of different grain cultures are purchased for production of animal feed:

  • Wheat; 
  • Barley; 
  • Oats;
  • Triticale;
  • Beans;
  • Peas.

Please find our recommended grain sorts here

Please find our quality requirements here



Please find the pricelists for grain pre-processing, storage and loading services as determined by the company here.

About grain prices, please, call +371 20313635 Ineta